JJ Anderson is a self-taught documentary filmmaker whose work uncovers stories of the underserved and overlooked. Her projects shed light on unique voices that are often ignored, exposing viewers to their humanity, dignity and strength.

At the age of 21, JJ Anderson was hired on as a talk show host at an independent sports television network. During this time, she worked side by side with Mortal Kombat producer and the station’s founder Larry Kasanoff to deliver original quality programming on an international platform. Through hosting, JJ was able to discover a true passion for connecting with others and so she quickly began to take on the role of a producer in order to be more hands on with the process.

Today, JJ collaborates with HRDWRKER Co-Founder Tito Molina in creating heartfelt video content and films. Through her work, she has been able to conduct thought provoking interviews with people like Evander Holyfield, Angela Rye, Terry Crews, KRS-One, and Ronda Rousey.