Chaz Bojórqez, Artist


World renowned artist Chaz Bojórquez provides insight as to how it took the art world 30 years to recognize and embrace graffiti.


Chaz first experienced graffiti in the 1950s in his neighborhood of East Los Angeles. While he gravitated to “Cholo Style” lettering, his love and passion for art eventually led him to studying calligraphy at the Pasadena Pacific Asian Museum. Soon after, Chaz merged the to art forms and created a never-before-seen aesthetic.

Today, Chaz is known as one of the most prominent LA street artists and is considered to be “The God Father of Graffiti”. His work recently showed at the acclaimed BEYOND THE STREETS exhibition and has been collected by institutions such as: Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, The Smithsonian Institute, The Mexican Cultural Institute, and Stanford University.

Chaz Bojórquez Artist Graffiti Contemporary Los Angeles
Chaz Bojórquez Graffiti Artist East Los Angeles Beyond The Strets