Rose McAleese, Screenwriter & Journalist


Screenwriter and Journalist Rose McAleese shares important lessons on the importance of self-worth and self-education.


In high school, Rose McAleese threw herself into performing spoken-word as a way to combat her rare form of Dyslexia. She continued to perform her poetry around the country in competitions until she decided to take a break to write her first book Strong. Female. Character.

Having not been able to afford a college education, Rose decided to teach herself by reading as much as she possibly could and taking on jobs as a PA. The Screenwriter/Journalist has since been awarded the Universal Emerging Writers Fellowship at Universal Pictures, worked as a staff writer on BET’s The Quad, and was invited as a guest speaker to both Google Talks and TEDxWomen.

Rose McAleese Writer BET Universal Pictures Screen Writer
Rose McAleese Writer Journalist Screenwriter BET Universal Pictures TED Talk