Liz Hernandez: Creator of Wordaful

@lizhernandez / @wordaful

WORDAFUL creator Liz Hernandez provides priceless insight on meditation, affirmations, and gratitude.


Liz Hernandez is the host and creator of WORDAFUL, a video series showcasing the power of words and the importance of how they are used. If you get the feeling that Liz  is a ball of encouragement and positivity, it’s probably because she is. That’s not to say that the WORDAFUL creator has not experienced her fair share of stress and disappointment like the rest of us. Liz, however, refuses to allow those moments to dampen her spirit.

In this episode, we are able to watch and learn as Liz shares how her relationship with her higher power, her connection to gratitude, and the act of affirming help her to stay focused and open to what lies ahead of her.

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Liz gives 30 seconds of advice to those who want to turn their passion into a career.