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This project highlights 6 individuals who have taken unconventional approaches to making a name for themselves in their industries.

Candace Reels

Intersectional Feminist and Female collective Founder Candace Reels

Candace Reels

Founder of Female Collective

Intersectional Feminist Candace Reels Black Girl Magic

Candace Reels is the founder of Female Collective: an online platform and clothing line dedicated to uplifting women and making space for intersectional feminism. As an activist and designer, Candace focuses on advocating for her community and raising money for various charities through the sales of her designs.

After initially graduating college, Candace attempted to build a career as a fashion buyer. However, it didn’t take long for her to realize that path was not for her and so she decided to step away. Left feeling a bit confused and lost, Candace was looking for encouragement. Her search led her to posting positive messages for women and important news tidbits revolving around women’s rights on an Instagram account. Today her account is a go-to source for self-care tips and social justice matters for people all over the world.

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Company Instagram: @femalecollective // Personal Instagram: @candacereels


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