Passion Before Profit


This project highlights 6 individuals who have taken unconventional approaches to making a name for themselves in their industries.

Steve Lobel

Steve Lobel Music Manager Hip Hop Scott Storch

Steve Lobel

Music Industry Executive + Manager

Steve Lobel Music Industry Executive Manager Scott Storch

Noted as one of the hardest working people in the music industry, self-taught A&R/Manager/Consultant Steve Lobel got his start through the help and experiences of the late Jam Master Jay of Run DMC. The legendary hip hop artist offered Lobel the opportunity to work on his team and learn more about the business of music. Lobel graciously took him up on that offer, and so began his journey of learning by doing.

He has since gone on to work with artists such as: Fat Joe, Common, 36 Mafia, and has had a major hand in the recent comeback of producer Scott Storch.

Learn more about Steve Lobel’s process and philosophies in Episode 4 of The #HRDWRKER Series: MAVERICKS!

Instagram: @weworking

The #HRDWRKER Series: MAVERICKS // EP. 4 // Steve Lobel

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