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In efforts to support one another in their career endeavors, HRDWRKER partners JJ Anderson and Tito Molina would often exchange links to inspirational videos. They did this for a year, until suddenly they realized that it was becoming difficult to find new material that they could genuinely relate to or gather motivation from. So, they simply decided to create their own. 

Having both been raised in working class families and surrounded by determined people who were dedicated to their craft, Molina came up with idea to call their project HRDWRKER. He went on to include the tagline: Passion Before Profit, to urge others to follow their dreams rather than settle for an easy paycheck. Upon hearing the project title her future partner came up with, Anderson decided to put an end to her five-year long job at an international cable network and allocate her time to transforming the dream of HRDWRKER into a reality.

Slowly but surely, Anderson and Molina worked together to interview local Los Angeles business owners, creatives, makers, and entrepreneurs about every aspect (good or bad) of their professional journeys. Their goal in doing this was to provide budding go-getters with encouragement and advice from their peers. 

Over the past three years, HRDWRKER has put together over fifty segments. All of which highlight the deserving and hard-working trail-blazers of today. 




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HRDWRKER works with brands, publications, and individuals to create high quality content for their digital + social media platforms. In every collaboration they commit to, the two partner team makes it a point to provide visual material revolving around real and insightful people for the world to enjoy.

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